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First-class, Bespoke eCommerce Developers
We help people sell online using e-commerce software solutions developed by our team.
We offer solutions tailored precisely for you - design, programming, marketing, hosting.
Bespoke design by our friendly, in-house team
We already have the features you need
Bespoke solutions we design and develop have virtually no limits. They can have as many features as your business requires. They can look whatever you want them to look like. Since we use our fully managed e-commerce platform to power all of our clients' projects, we already have all the most popular features.
Payment methods and gateways
Shipping and delivery methods
Marketing, analytical tools and marketplaces
We develop apps and applications for these platforms
And all the standard e-commerce platform features
We are available for meetings:
Caesar7 Limited / No. 10955766
+44 (0) 20 0333 0211
Daniel Aurimas
Daniel is Caesar7’s lead developer, he is responsible for consulting new clients and assessing requirements of their projects. He can help clients with a diverse range of technical and design related questions. Without all the tech jargon.
Award-winning, honest, transparent, experienced, cutting-edge...
But what's the difference?
95% of agencies / developers
When to choose
When you need a bespoke e-commerce solution built without any technical knowledge on your part, or when you have the skills, but little time to spare. Web development companies/agencies will provide access to a dedicated team of professionals who will provide you with in-depth industry insights and skill set.
Great for a personal website, portfolio, blog, industry research. Plans come at a relatively affordable rental price.
Who owns the project
You (most often)
The source code is never released to the public. You are renting your own project.
Knowledge required
No technical skills required. With your cooperation, everything will be built for you.
Yes, requires above average computer knowledge and quite a lot of time for initial setup. Web developers can be hired to do the job, if you are interested in such solution, please look at "95% of agencies" column.
Offered platforms
Our 100% bespoke, open-source platform, hosted in a private environment. No software licensing fees. Developed with PHP (web interface) and Python (server-side). Dedicated servers in the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Fully monitored and backed up.
Popular open-source systems - Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Django, etc. The concept of open source is great, but owners and developers are limited to the structure of the system. Project's can be customized, yet developers often spend more time figuring out how the third-party code works than developing it.
Shopify, Squarespace, Wix. This column is based on Shopify's functionality, as it is a more advanced and a more e-commerce related platform than the other ones.
Cost of plugins
We often integrate useful plugins into the system for free. Most highly demanded features are already integrated free of charge. Complex requirements often take less time to develop due to the structure of the system.
Hourly pricing
The best plugins cost a monthly fee. Some plugins charge a percentage of the sale. A developer can be hired for hourly rates. More advanced plugins require an "Advanced plan" which is 300 GBP per month.
Cost of regular updates
Free and automatically updated
Hourly pricing or maintenance plan required
Free and automatically updated
Speed and performance
Above industry standards. Depending on user behavior, new pages load instantly*.
Limited to the content management system and hosting provider
Depends on the setup. Can be slow at times since the servers are shared with thousands of other clients.
Developed with security and privacy as a primary objective. The system is not open to the public (client always receives the source code). It is highly unlikely that vulnerabilities could be found. Also, we issue SSL certificates free of charge.
Highly dependant on security updates and has to be updated quite often. Hacking attempts are quite common. SSL costs extra, in most cases.
Closed-source, known to be secure
Regular data backups
Multiple times a day to our 2-4 private servers. Stored for up to 90 days. Backups include e-mails, files, databases, logs.
Weekly backups with the last weeks copy, at best. Third-party plugins are available at additional setup fees.
Plugins are available
Hosting type
Private, dedicated servers just for our clients. Located in multiple data-centers with anti-DDOS protection.
Shared hosting environment with hundreds or thousands of websites, or dedicated/virtual server with additional setup and high maintenance costs
Product as a service/platform rent - you are tied to the provider for life
Ease of administration
Modern, bespoke administration panel equipped only with necessary functionality. All content can be changed in the administration. We always make sure our clients have as much control of the project as possible.
A standard administration set offered by the CMS. Furthermore, most open-source systems require at least 10 third-party extensions for relatively easy management and decent security.
Known for its easy management capabilities
E-mail accounts
Free and unlimited. Anti-spam, anti-virus, forwarders, SSL, web-mail included.
50 GBP per mailbox, per year (mostly)
50 GBP per mailbox, per year
Better Google results
Our SEO solutions are well above industry standards and integrated into the core of the system. A handful of tools are present in the administration panel. We follow all important SEO guidelines when developing the front-end.
Functions themselves are always offered as an additional work. SEO basics are rarely part of the "standard" package.
The main functionality is integrated into the system quite well. Additional plugins are available (mostly with monthly pricing).
Protected deposits, refunds
Yes, we accept escrow payments. We offer a full refund if we cannot deliver what we agreed on.
Escrow is rarely practiced. Refunds are based on a contract.
A 14-day trial account is available
Ease of switching
Easy, PHP developers would be able to maintain and extend the system. Documentation is available.
In most cases - easy. Although it depends entirely on the programming language and the agency.
Ready to work with us?

We understand how to work with people, even if they are not near. Many of our clients are located outside of London, in metropolitan cities like Birmingham, Bradford, Newcastle. Quite a few successfully utilize our solutions in Scandinavian, as well as Baltic states.

We take a unique approach to development with our hybrid business model. We can reduce the costs of feature development and improve the quality of our end-products with every completed project. Each new project improves the software used by all of our clients with added functionality, free of charge, uninterruptedly.
We've got you covered, from concept to realization
Cutting-edge. No less.
Sophisticated. Dark. Modern. Provocative.
What's your concept?
Our vision, How & Why

WHY. Our essential goal is to create a unified, private and secure software for e-commerce applications. While many solutions would perform similar tasks, not a soul could perform the main goals, that is, an independent solution, with a re-usable design for many projects. Caesar7 was born because of the flaws experienced with common website development practices.

HOW. How we can deliver world-class services for lower prices is transparent when you understand our business model. Our e-commerce program lets us reuse popular features across many projects. Occasionally, we even do it free of cost, if we believe the feature is practical for many clients.

GOAL. Our goal is to develop revolutionary software which would deliver remarkable results to all our clients while maintaining everyone's privacy and security of their data unimpaired.
Our bespoke e-commerce development process
Step-by-step visualization
We arrange a meeting and have a conversation with you during which we will determine the concept and budget of your project. We will ask you a few questions, to understand the needs of your project during the meeting. Lastly, we will present a proposal for your project. Before starting a project, we always remind all our clients, that marketing is a crucial part of any successful e-commerce business.
Market research
Planning helps us interact with our clients and prevent common problems preceding the project's start. We will summarize the information gathered during our consultation and do an in-depth market research. We will offer a bespoke solution for your business based on the collected material.
Firstly, we will start developing the blueprint of your website - it will reveal the necessary functions of the project. Secondly, we will develop an interface design from our testing observations. Afterward, the designers will make a prototype of the website for you to play with. We recommend investing in professional copywriting and photography services. Professional photography will reflect the uniqueness of your brand.
We will turn the completed design to a live product. Our specialists fill integrate all the functions from the project's plan and host your website in our private hosting. Afterward, you will be able to operate your e-commerce project effortlessly. We will watch it and perform regular security and functionality updates.
Once your website is fully finished, we will perform quality assurance tests and inspect if everything is working correctly. We offer guarantees and will fix any problems that might occur. Revisions are quite common before the project's launch, we always suggest postponing non-critical modifications after going live. Launching a project officially does not prevent us from making changes to it.
After confirming our pre-launch checklist that the website is ready for launch, we make your project accessible to the public. We will perform regular updates to make sure your system is up-to-date. Marketing strategy should be executed at this point to drive traffic to your newly developed website. When you have any questions about the website management, need marketing advice, system enhancements or website re-design we are always here to help!


Kiek dažniausiai kainuoja individualus e-projektas?
Individualiaus el. projekto kūrimo kaina ir jo įgyvendinimo laikas priklauso nuo projekto sudėtingumo. Atsakyti į šį klausimą galime tik žinodami preliminarius projekto reikalavimus. Reikalui esant, projektus galime atlikti skubos tvarka. Pradedame dizaino ir programavimo darbus pasirašę sutartį arba gavę avansinį mokėjimą už susitartą darbų kainą.

Kas įeina į bendra paslaugų kainą?
Į komercinius pasiūlymus visada įskaičiuojame viską ko tik gali prireikti atlikti ir plėtoti individualų projektą, įskaitant dizainą, programavimą, projekto talpinimą, priežiūra, konsultacijas, nemokamus sistemos atnaujinimus, apsaugos sertifikatus, automatines valandines atsargines kopijas į atskirus serverius, automatinius viso projekto veikiamumo patikrinimus, garantuotus klaidų sprendimus, kelis paraleliai veikiančius, galingus serverius, neribotas pašto dėžutes, neribotą disko vietą, neribotus serverio resursus, neribotą interneto greitį, apsaugą nuo "spam", serverio priežiūrą, techninius darbus. Jokių paslėptų ar papildomų mokesčių.

Kaip yra apskaičiuojama kaina?
Paslaugų kainą remiame laiku kurį užtruksime, kad pilnai įgyvenintume Jūsų projekto reikalavimus. Į kainą visada įskaičiuojame bendrą paslaugų ir priežiūros paketą kuris būtinas betkokiam sėkmingam elektroniniam verslui.

Ar galime susitikti "gyvai" aptarti mūsų projektą?
Dažniausiai susitikimus atliekame Vilniuje, Kaune ar Klaipėdoje. Tačiau galime susitikti ir kitame Lietuvos mieste pagal susitarimą. Susitikimą galime planuoti mūsų susitikimų kambaryje ar Jūsų darbo vietoje. Konsultacija yra nemokama. Esant poreikiui galime susitikti su Jumis Anglijoje, Škotijoje ar Airijoje.

Kokias paslaugas siūlote?
Kuriame individualias el. parduotuves, intranetus, verslo valdymo sistemas, buhalterines programas, nestandartinius web projektus. Esamiems klientams teikiame visapusiškas palaikymo,  konsultacijų, plėtros ir dizaino paslaugas.

Kurdami el .projektus visados sutelkiame dėmesį į lankstumą ir vystymasi. 

  I do not have much experience about website development will you be able to assist me?

Yes – we will do a market research and offer only the solutions we know are right for your business model. You will be in complete control of the design and development process. If you will not like a particular part of the design we can change it to your liking. If you find a feature too difficult to use - we can change it, make it easier for you to use.

  Do you offer any guarantees after the project is finished?

Of course! We have contracts and offer protected deposits it is only natural that we would complete what we promised without a flaw. Please note, that programming or logical errors are common in any software, especially individual work. Take this for an example, if everything was perfectly developed, you would not need to install updates to your smartphone or computer.

  How to attract new clients to my website? Do you offer advertising services?

The fastest way to get visitors to your website is by paid advertising. An alternative way is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but it takes quite a lot of time for it to be effective. And yes, we offer digital marketing services (paid search and social media ads). We also offer basic training services for you to manage marketing campaigns on your own.

  Will my website be on Google's top results page?

Getting listed on Google's first page is a complicated process. For starters, the solutions we develop are highly optimized for search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc). The websites we developed are arguably more optimized than the majority of the websites on the internet. The optimization process is transparent, it is quite technical.
Generally, websites start to show up on Google in no less than 3 months of their official launch. Obviously, the website has to have all the most important information has to be on the site. We generally charge a service fee for advanced optimizations. The service includes monitoring and regular enhancements of your website.
If you seek fast results, that is, if you want to see your business on Google's first page the next day - paid advertising is what you need. Google Adwords, Bing Ads (and others) can help on the matter.

  Will I get support if a problem occurs? What about maintenance? Training?

We provide support on all questions related to your e-commerce project. From instructions on how to manage your website to solving problems with credit card transactions. If a disaster occurs - we have backups for the last 90 days and we will recover any data loss.

We provide maintenance services on demand, you do not need to pay anything upfront. If, for example, you need some design changes or functionality upgrades which you cannot do yourself - we will notify you about the potentials costs and bill you sometime later for all the works. We are flexible on that matter.

We include training sessions in the project development price. We will show you how to use the most necessary administration features. If any questions occur on how to use other functions - we will surely help.

If you will loose your password, will need new e-mail accounts - you will be able to do that without our help. We will show you how it works during training.

  Will I be able to change the content of the project after it is finished?

Yes, each project is built with a content management system which allows performing most common administration and maintenance tasks. Features which are not commonly used are hidden and can be enabled at any time if needed. If additional management functions are needed - we will create them on your request.

  What kind of features will my project include?

All features that we agreed on in the quote will be available in your web application.
Also, depending on the type of project, the project will include general features which come with our content management system

  Do I need a separate mobile website or application (iOS and Android)?

Not necessarily. We develop websites which adapt and look beautiful on most modern devices. If your idea requires functions which are not available on web browsers, a native app could be considered.

  Can you integrate accounting software? We need stock management, can it be integrated?

We can make your website synchronize with almost any external application. Our bespoke e-commerce solutions already have stock management functionality integrated, but we understand that you might want to use a different software for that.

We have been asked to integrate third-party accounting software to some clients' applications. If you are in search of a popular accounting software we suggest looking into: Sage One, Zoho Books, Pandle, Kash Flow, Clear Books, Free Agent.

For third-party stock management software, please take a look at TradeGecko, Veeqo, EMERGE App, Orderhive.

  What is the difference between advertising on Google and Facebook?

Google Adwords
- Ads show up in Google search results (or other websites which participate in the ad program)
- Ads are only shown when the user enters a specific search which you target. If you are selling leather shoes, your ad will only show people who search Google for leather shoes.
- You pay when someone clicks on your ad

Facebook Ads
- Ads show up on Facebook and Instagram
- Ads show up based on peoples interests or browsing activity (not when they directly search for specific products)
- You pay when your ad shows to people (not when it's clicked)

There are ways to advertise on Google without paying, SEO is the term. However, it takes a considerable amount of time to see the results.
You can advertise on Facebook and Instagram without directly paying for ads. You can either use other people (influencers) to advertise your product on their social feed or you can set up contests and let other people participate and share your posts.

  Which credit card providers do you recommend for an e-commerce projects?

For businesses in the United Kingdom: Braintree, Worldpay, Stripe, SagePay, First Data

Important note: most banks offer card payment gateways, though they do not publicise such information on their websites. Contact your local bank(s) to know the terms for you business model.

  What is the difference between what Caesar7 offers and Shopify (or other)?

Caesar7 offers a full spectrum of bespoke design and development services using a bespoke e-commerce platform which you can host anywhere. Shopify and other similar solutions are basically web-based applications which you rent to build your own website. You cannot move to a different provider with Shopify. You do not receive any personalized help (unless you are on a premium plan which costs more than it should). You do not even get a copy of your e-commerce project - you rent it until the end.
There are other solutions, such as Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, but if you are not a developer - they should not concern you.

An in-depth comparison of web development solutions is on the first page of our website, under the "Why us" section.

  Do you modify existing websites? Could you re-design my old website? Could you import my old data?

Unfortunately, we do not modify websites that we did not develop. However, we can import information from your existing application to your new website if needed.

  What kind of application do you use to develop web applications?

We use our own commercially licensed web application engine. The engine is based on PHP programming language and can be hosted on the majority hosting companies. There is no additional licensing fee, however, unless agreed differently, we only allow the engine to be used for a single project.

  Can I you guarantee the safety of my online business and it's data?
We believe that everyone needs to know how our business model ensures safety of everyones data:
  • You receive the design files and website's source code after we fully develop your project. You can host your website anywhere you like. There are no restrictions.
  • You can download the systems’ source code, design files, e-mail messages and database from the administration at any time.
  • You can download our application which downloads daily backups of your whole project.
  • We develop all web applications using PHP. PHP is the most popular web development language. Any skilled IT company with a relative amount of knowledge can maintain and extend work we started if for some reason we cannot.


Key points on why to choose Caesar7 as your IT company:

  • We hve strict privacy and confidentiality rules
  • We accept escrow payments and a full refund if we cannot deliver on what we agreed on
  • We offer face-to-face meetings as well as virtual meetings over Skype
  • We offer over 10 years of extensive IT experience
  • We provide honest, professional opinions
  • We prioritize our tasks and prepare our clients for potential problems in the future
  • We do our work incrementally (stage by stage)
  • We offer flexible payments for our services (by stages)
  • All passwords and sensitive data is encrypted with secure hashing algorithms
  • We host data in safe, tried and tested server environment
  • We perform hourly, off-site data backups, with a retention period of 3 months
  • We accept International bank transfers, Cash, WesternUnion,
  • You completely own your domain name(s)
  Do I really need a bespoke website? Maybe I could do it myself?

In our opinion, every business should reflect their true identity and true values. Bespoke solutions do exactly that. Do-it-yourself tools, on the other hand, mostly make the website blend into the crowd by using similar looking design template. We believe that the only reason not to get a bespoke website is either the price tag or  the strength of the actual business/idea. However, we do understand that some want to test the waters with a less expensive solution, until it gets too expensive - which they do, in the long run.

1) The first thing about starting a website on your own is choosing what platform to use. We will not be covering Wordpress, Magento or similar solutions because to use them you have to be a developer. There are a few platforms you might want to look at. For e-commerce, we recommend either Shopify or Squarespace, and for a portfolio website, we suggest Squarespace, Jimdo, Wix.

2) Try out the platform's design tools and templates. If they are too difficult to use - check YouTube for help or switch to a different platform.

3) Find the right plugins/extensions. Skip the ones which have ads. Skip the ones that are paid - the are always free ones which do the same thing.

4) Find the right providers for shipping and payments. The first page of our website shows what shipping and payment providers are popular in the United Kingdom. Check if they have plugins/extensions for your platform.

5) Buy a domain name. Ideally, you should buy a local domain name like, .com is a generic one. Either way, domain names technically do not make a difference, but some people trust the local domains more.

6) Find an e-mail provider. Gmail is relatively easy to set up - just use that.  If you want a bit more security, use If you are already building your website with DIY tools, e-mail on a hosting provider is out of the picture.

7) Get an SSL certificate. It is not required for a portfolio website, but it is required for an e-shop. They start at ~5 GBP per year on There is almost no difference between them. There are free ones, like Let's Encrypt, but they are too hard to set up.

8) Add some content to your website. Try to minimize the load time - it makes a huge difference. You would ideally host your website in the country where your user base is. Hosted solutions are located mostly in the United States and intercontinental connections add some latency, it is much slower than connecting to a local data center.

9) Get some design inspiration from,, Add some quality, royalty free photography from, Find some popular color combinations on

10) Optimize your website for mobile and desktops. Use these tools:,, Additionally, you could integrate anti-DDOS protection and CDN (content delivery network) to add more speed and reachability to your e-commerce project.

11) Set up a marketing campaign. People will not discover your website out of the blue, it either requires a huge amount of time to get the content right or it requires some financial resources to enable paid marketing. We highly recommend Google Adwords, Facebook Ads - but it all depends on your industry and idea.

12) Enable visitor statistics tracking like Google Analytics, Mouseflow. Add a chat to your website from,,

13) Create a logo, business card, e-mail signature. You can find logo and business card templates by searching Google for "business card mockups", "logo creator", "logo mockups".

14) Download professional software. Each business is different, but most will probably need a PDF reader (any web browser), office document reader and writer (OpenOffice/LibreOffice), photo editor (Adobe Photoshop - this costs a tremendous amount of money, you should probably download it from thepiratebay, 1337x, torrentz2, or somewhere similar), accounting software (HomeBank , Money Manager Ex), archiving software (7Zip, PeaZip).

Some friendly advice:
- Do not hire someone to manage your ad campaigns, get a professional training instead. Or check videos on YouTube.
- Do not get a Magento website for a small business shop, Wordpress with Woocommerce would be a lot cheaper
- Do not use a non-PHP programming language for your website - PHP is the most demanded web development language, there are a lot of developers which can maintain and extend your web app.

Some useful links
- Tools to check your grammar:,
- Online storage services:,
- Free icons:,
- Website to find alternative software and services:
- Website uptime monitors:,
- Computer internet speed test:

  Detailed list of our services

Bespoke design

Since the beginning, bespoke e-commerce development has been our main professional service. The solutions we offer are always built and shaped above and beyond the industry's best practices.

We understand that every business is unique and requires a unique strategy to succeed. With the help of our deep e-commerce insights, we know how to turn underperforming businesses around. Caesar7 helps businesses achieve aspired results with tactics proven to be effective through time.

After the official launch of the project, additional steps are taken to ensure that the solutions are performing as promised. We observe the behavior of the business's customers. When necessary, in order to deliver maximum user satisfaction and return on investment, we shape the content of the business accordingly.

Keywords: Research, Strategy, Usability, Mobile ready, Architecture, Information, Analytics



We develop web applications using our bespoke system. Built by professional programmers who pay exclusively high attention to design and quality of software.

We perform regular security audits on each project. Additionally, we introduce new, highly demanded features for all of our clients - free of charge.

In addition to our software, we operate a private hosting environment, exclusive to our clients. Having multiple servers in business-orientated locations provides our clients with worldwide, high-speed coverage. We value the privacy of our clients and their data, and we make sure all of it is always secure with off-site encrypted backups.

Keywords: Modern practices, Latest software, Dedicated support, Encrypted backups, Free updates, No hidden fees



We aim to deliver only the highest quality results to our customers and marketing plays a crucial role part. Our goal is to provide an efficient, highest converting way to drive success to your business. The required marketing type for a business is highly dependant on its business model, but paid advertising* has always been proven to raise brand awareness and deliver rapid results**.

Nowadays. most business owners are capable of setting up paid advertising campaigns themselves, but we highly recommend to consult with a professional prior to the launch***. We offer professional assistance in building highly personalized campaigns and optimizing the landing pages for maximum CTR (cost-to-click ratio). Additionally, we build and enhance our solutions based on up-to-date research gathered from user behavior analysis.

* Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing Ads, re-marketing, social marketing, promotion banners on specializes sites, etc.
** Assuming the campaign is set up correctly, is accessible and is subjectively easy-to-use
*** Understanding how ad campaigns work, which tactics could be used, how much to invest, how the price is calculated, what types of audiences to target requires quite a bit of knowledge. Also, setting up a campaign on a third-party platform is not the only thing that has to be done - some advanced targeting techniques require technical preparations on the website itself.

Keywords: Google search, Paid marketing, E-mail marketing, Re-marketing, Influencers, Affiliates


User Experience

"User Experience" is what makes customers come back to an e-commerce website and checkout without experiencing any usability difficulties along the way... to discover relevant information on a large website without contacting the support team.

Services and solutions provided at Caesar7 are fully tailored to satisfy the audience of your business by integrating modern standards and proven practices. Any device type, screen size or country of your client's residence - we offer same, simple, easy-to-understand user experiences across all devices and continents.

We always design and advise with User Experience in mind. We do it with a simple and innovating approach.

Keywords: Usability, Accessibility, Simplicity, Aesthetics, Mobile-ready, Innovating, Fast & Beautiful


Hosting & Support

We operate our private hosting environment in multiple business-orientated locations, providing worldwide, high-speed coverage to all our customers. We value the privacy of our clients and their data, and we make sure all of it is always secure with off-site encrypted backups

From the very start, even before Caesar7, our main goal was to provide the most technologically correct, privacy-aware, third-party independent and up-to-date tech-solutions. The goal still stands as Caesar7's main priority. We are constantly improving our hosting environment, as well as our software products and services, to offer solutions which would bring the best, long-lasting results.

Our hosting is exclusive to our clients, managed with care to provide constant uptime and great performance.

Keyword: Consultations, Maintenance, After-care, Automation, Monitoring, Backups, VPS, Bare-metal


Phone & E-mail

We offer highly customizable e-mail services, phone numbers, industry standard messaging protocols.

As part of the hosting service, Caesar7 offers multiple ways for our clients to communicate with their customers. We provide high-end voice messaging services for businesses, as well as e-mail and instant messaging services for both, private and corporate clients. All of the provided solutions are tailored to fit any business model. Equipped with popular features, such as, but not limited to auto-responders, phone menus, security against nuances and annoyances

Our "telecommunications package" consists of e-mail services (IMAP, POP3, SMTP), Voice-Over-IP (SIP) and instant messaging (XAMPP/Jabber). All of these services are exclusive to our clients, managed with care to provide constant uptime and great performance.

Keywords: Phone numbers, Company e-mails, Spam protection, Virus protection, Abuse protection, Autoresponders

  What does Caesar7 mean?
  • In the beginning, we picked the name “IT tsar” to ultimately be used as our companies’ slogan
  • The term “tsar” was used to represent our knowledge in IT field
  • The original meaning of “tsar” from dictionary is ”a person assigned to a task-related government oversight office”
  • After some refinements, we picked an alternative spelling term and incorporated our company with the name of “Czar&Co”
  • As time passed, a lot of confusion about the name was made, it was often confused with either the Russian or Roman titles of emperors - “Caesar(s)” (the name from which “czar” originated)
  • We changed the name of our business to a more promiscuous, more notorious and refined entitlement - “Caesar”, with “7” following after the title
  Technical details of all of our services

E-mail related information

We recommend connecting to our e-mail service using a standalone application (e.g. Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc). Using a dedicated e-mail application will allow you to access your messages whenever you are offline or during server outages.

You can also use our webmail application to check your mail by visiting

Server details:

  • IMAP server -, port - 995 (SSL)
  • POP3 server -, port - 993 (SSL)
  • SMTP server -, port - 587 (SSL) * not 465, do not use 465 *
  • SIEVE server -, port - 4190

Recover, create or change your e-mail password:
In order to perform such tasks, visit your website’s administration panel (https://<your-website>/admin/), log out if you are logged in. Click on “Recover passwords, manage mailboxes, invoices” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Sending bulk messages:
We allow sending a single message for up to 25 recipients. If message is addressed to more than 25 recipients, the message will be rejected before sending it out of the server.

Copies of sent messages:
We store ALL sent messages in the “Sent” messages folder by default. You do not need to explicitly set your e-mail client to keep copies of sent messages. Sent messages are synchronized every 10-30 minutes.

Sieve filters:
You can use SIEVE protocol to create custom filters for your e-mail accounts. With the use of SIEVE scripts you can create vacation messages, auto-replies and more. E-mail clients, such as Thunderbird, have plugins which can help you manage these filters without needing to fully understand the programming language.

Our mail filters attempt to remove tracking scripts from all incomming messages to provide more privacy for our clients. Due to this fact, DKIM signature verification will fail when messages are modified. We also remove User Agent strings and IP addresses on all outgoing messages.

Spam and missing messages:
Be sure to periodically check your spam folder, it might contain important notifications or legitimate e-mails. If legitimate e-mails are regularly flagged as spam (or vice versa) - please contact us to resolve this issue.
Also, some junk messages are highly deceptive and should be quatantined, but in most cases, it is better to see all the received messages, you can find valuable e-mails falsly classified as spam.

Rejected messages:
Sometimes our e-mail service automatically rejects messages. Messages which are sent to “no-reply” addresses are automatically rejected, some file extensions are rejected because they are often used as a spam source.

Additional information:
Messages in trash, spam and junk folders are removed after 30 days. All messages in the inbox folder are backed up to 3 cloud service providers and encrypted copies are stored for more than 30 days. Also, all your projects are backed up in a similar manner.

Things we considered but did not implement:

  • “Send later” functionallity (can be done from a standalone e-mail client)
  • Message tracking (tracking images are blocked by most e-mail clients by default, additionally, e-mail server providers might check and cache the images/scripts
  • before they are actually opened by the user)
  • Message templates (can be done from a standalone e-mail client)
  • Activity feed and statistics (from parsed logs)

CardDAV and CalDAV (contacts an calendar) server information:

You can synchronize your contacts, calendars and events using our dedicated server for such tasks. We host a standard CardDAV and CalDAV servers which allow clients of our e-mail services to synchronize their data:

Server information:

  • URL:
  • URL (alt):
  • Username: same as IMAP login
  • Password: same as IMAP password

Recommended applications:

  • Android calendar - Simple Calendar
  • Android events, notes and contacts synchronization app - DAVdroid
  • Windows calendar - Thunderbird’s extension, - Lightning
  • Windows contacts - Thunderbird’s extension, - CardBook
  • List of other tested applications:

Webdav server

We do not provide WebDAV services.
For personal file synchronization services, we suggest looking into Syncthing or Duplicati. Even though both applications provide cloud synchronization abillities, they are based on different principles.

DNS information

In order to make your website accesable after a domain change (or purchase), please use the domain name servers listed below. Ask us for assistance if you do not know how to manually change such information.

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