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First-class, Bespoke eCommerce Developers
We help people sell online using e-commerce software solutions developed by our team.
We offer solutions tailored precisely for you - design, programming, marketing, hosting.
Bespoke design by our friendly, in-house team
Local meetings.   Protected deposits.   Free updates.   Dedicated help.   Mobile ready.
Exceptional services with a decade of wisdom.
Development price.  Development time.  Services.
We already have the features you need
Bespoke solutions we design and develop have virtually no limits. They can have as many features as your business requires. They can look whatever you want them to look like. Since we use our fully managed e-commerce platform to power all of our clients' projects, we already have all the most popular features.
Marketing and analytical tools
Payment methods and gateways
Shipping and delivery methods
Multi-channel selling tools and synchronisations
And all the standard e-commerce platform features
All-in-one dashboard
Data exporting
Inventory management
Order management, tracking
Product and sales management
Tax management
Book keeping integration
Invoices, shipping labels
Customisable checkout
Discounts and vouchers
Subscriptions and downloads
Currencies and languages
Social media, reviews, ratings
Blogs, accounts, newsletters
Dedicated, multi-server hosting
Hourly backups, 90-days retention
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited, free e-mails, SSLs
High focus on SEO
Chats, forms, FAQs
Reports, marketing, remarketing
We are available for meetings:
We are available Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 18:00.
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Caesar7 Ltd
Project Manager Daniel M.
Daniel is Caesar7’s lead developer, he is responsible for consulting new clients and assessing requirements of their projects. He can help clients with a diverse range of technical and design related questions. Without all the tech jargon.
Award-winning, honest, transparent, experienced, cutting-edge...
But what's the difference?
95% of agencies / developers
When to choose
When you need a bespoke e-commerce solution built without any technical knowledge on your part, or when you have the skills, but little time to spare. Web development companies/agencies will provide access to a dedicated team of professionals who will provide you with in-depth industry insights and skill set.
Great for a personal website, portfolio, blog, industry research. Plans come at a relatively affordable rental price.
Who owns the project
You (most often)
The source code is never released to the public. You are renting your own project.
Knowledge required
No technical skills required. With your cooperation, everything will be built for you.
Yes, requires above average computer knowledge and quite a lot of time for initial setup. Web developers can be hired to do the job, if you are interested in such solution, please look at "95% of agencies" column.
Offered platforms
Our 100% bespoke, open-source platform, hosted in a private environment. No software licensing fees. Developed with PHP (web interface) and Python (server-side). Dedicated servers in the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Fully monitored and backed up.
Popular open-source systems - Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Django, etc. The concept of open source is great, but owners and developers are limited to the structure of the system. Project's can be customized, yet developers often spend more time figuring out how the third-party code works than developing it.
Shopify, Squarespace, Wix. This column is based on Shopify's functionality, as it is a more advanced and a more e-commerce related platform than the other ones.
Cost of plugins
We often integrate useful plugins into the system for free. Most highly demanded features are already integrated free of charge. Complex requirements often take less time to develop due to the structure of the system.
Hourly pricing
The best plugins cost a monthly fee. Some plugins charge a percentage of the sale. A developer can be hired for hourly rates. More advanced plugins require an "Advanced plan" which is 300 GBP per month.
Cost of regular updates
Free and automatically updated
Hourly pricing or maintenance plan required
Free and automatically updated
Speed and performance
Above industry standards. Depending on user behavior, new pages load instantly*.
Limited to the content management system and hosting provider
Depends on the setup. Can be slow at times since the servers are shared with thousands of other clients.
Developed with security and privacy as a primary objective. The system is not open to the public (client always receives the source code). It is highly unlikely that vulnerabilities could be found. Also, we issue SSL certificates free of charge.
Highly dependant on security updates and has to be updated quite often. Hacking attempts are quite common. SSL costs extra, in most cases.
Closed-source, known to be secure
Regular data backups
Multiple times a day to our 2-4 private servers. Stored for up to 90 days. Backups include e-mails, files, databases, logs.
Weekly backups with the last weeks copy, at best. Third-party plugins are available at additional setup fees.
Plugins are available
Hosting type
Private, dedicated servers just for our clients. Located in multiple data-centers with anti-DDOS protection.
Shared hosting environment with hundreds or thousands of websites, or dedicated/virtual server with additional setup and high maintenance costs
Product as a service/platform rent - you are tied to the provider for life
Ease of administration
Modern, bespoke administration panel equipped only with necessary functionality. All content can be changed in the administration. We always make sure our clients have as much control of the project as possible.
A standard administration set offered by the CMS. Furthermore, most open-source systems require at least 10 third-party extensions for relatively easy management and decent security.
Known for its easy management capabilities
E-mail accounts
Free and unlimited. Anti-spam, anti-virus, forwarders, SSL, web-mail included.
50 GBP per mailbox, per year (mostly)
50 GBP per mailbox, per year
Better Google results
Our SEO solutions are well above industry standards and integrated into the core of the system. A handful of tools are present in the administration panel. We follow all important SEO guidelines when developing the front-end.
Functions themselves are always offered as an additional work. SEO basics are rarely part of the "standard" package.
The main functionality is integrated into the system quite well. Additional plugins are available (mostly with monthly pricing).
Protected deposits, refunds
Yes, we accept escrow payments. We offer a full refund if we cannot deliver what we agreed on.
Escrow is rarely practiced. Refunds are based on a contract.
A 14-day trial account is available
Rent for 3 years
>3600 GBP in total. That is 2200 GBP (61 GBP per month) + 1400 GBP for plugins (39 GBP per month taken as an example).
Ease of switching
Easy, PHP developers would be able to maintain and extend the system. Documentation is available.
In most cases - easy. Although it depends entirely on the programming language and the agency.
Ready to work with us?

We understand how to work with people, even if they are not near. Many of our clients are located outside of London, in metropolitan cities like Birmingham, Bradford, Newcastle. Quite a few successfully utilize our solutions in Scandinavian, as well as Baltic states.

We take a unique approach to development with our hybrid business model. We can reduce the costs of feature development and improve the quality of our end-products with every completed project. Each new project improves the software used by all of our clients with added functionality, free of charge, uninterruptedly.
Our bespoke e-commerce development process
Step-by-step visualization
We arrange a meeting and have a conversation with you during which we will determine the concept and budget of your project. We will ask you a few questions, to understand the needs of your project during the meeting. Lastly, we will present a proposal for your project. Before starting a project, we always remind all our clients, that marketing is a crucial part of any successful e-commerce business.
Development cost
Planning helps us interact with our clients and prevent common problems preceding the project's start. We will summarize the information gathered during our consultation and do an in-depth market research. We will offer a bespoke solution for your business based on the collected material.
Firstly, we will start developing the blueprint of your website - it will reveal the necessary functions of the project. Secondly, we will develop an interface design from our testing observations. Afterward, the designers will make a prototype of the website for you to play with. We recommend investing in professional copywriting and photography services. Professional photography will reflect the uniqueness of your brand.
We will turn the completed design to a live product. Our specialists fill integrate all the functions from the project's plan and host your website in our private hosting. Afterward, you will be able to operate your e-commerce project effortlessly. We will watch it and perform regular security and functionality updates.
Once your website is fully finished, we will perform quality assurance tests and inspect if everything is working correctly. We offer guarantees and will fix any problems that might occur. Revisions are quite common before the project's launch, we always suggest postponing non-critical modifications after going live. Launching a project officially does not prevent us from making changes to it.
After confirming our pre-launch checklist that the website is ready for launch, we make your project accessible to the public. We will perform regular updates to make sure your system is up-to-date. Marketing strategy should be executed at this point to drive traffic to your newly developed website. When you have any questions about the website management, need marketing advice, system enhancements or website re-design we are always here to help!
We've got you covered, from concept to realization
Cutting-edge. No less.
Sophisticated. Dark. Modern. Provocative.
What's your concept?
Our vision, How & Why

WHY. Our essential goal is to create a unified, private and secure software for e-commerce applications. While many solutions would perform similar tasks, not a soul could perform the main goals, that is, an independent solution, with a re-usable design for many projects. Caesar7 was born because of the flaws experienced with common website development practices.

HOW. How we can deliver world-class services for lower prices is transparent when you understand our business model. Our e-commerce program lets us reuse popular features across many projects. Occasionally, we even do it free of cost, if we believe the feature is practical for many clients.

GOAL. Our goal is to develop revolutionary software which would deliver remarkable results to all our clients while maintaining everyone's privacy and security of their data unimpaired.
Great company, lively people, modern world solutions with benefits unlike any other...
Looking for job opportunities?
PHP/Python developer
We are looking for a skilled Python and PHP developer who would be able to maintain and extend our current e-commerce platform. Additionally, you will be making adjustments to the hosting e-commerce hosting platform. We are seeking for a person who is willing to learn and execute modern technologies in all our programs. We built the company by two fundamental reasons - privacy and security.

We are looking for someone to join our teams in London and Portsmouth and create a better, more secure and private way for people to manage their presence online.

Essential technical skills:
- 6+ years professional development experience
- Experience in building standalone applications
- Exquisite knowledge of PHP, Python, MySQL/MariaDB, jQuery, SCSS, OOP, MVC
- Comprehensive understanding of Apache, Named, Memcached, Postfix, Dovecot
- Inclusive understanding of common networks protocols and `iptables`
- Advanced Windows user skills
- General knowledge and understanding of Bash, Perl, iptables, etc
- Working under high pressure and high traffic environments

- Development of server management software (in Python)
- Development and maintenance of our e-commerce platform (in PHP)
Linux System Administrator
We are in search for a skilled Linux server administrator who would be able to perform maintenance tasks on our hosting environment. Additionally, you might need to make adjustments to the hosting platform. We are seeking for a seasoned sysadmin, who can find efficient ways to perform complicated tasks.

We are looking for someone to join our teams in London and create a better, more secure and private way for people to manage their presence online.

Essential technical skills:
- 6+ years professional development experience
- Experience in building standalone applications in Python
- Experience in building API applications
- Exquisite knowledge of CentOS environment, Python, Bash, MySQL/MariaDB
- Being familiar with Grafana, Netdata, Prometheus
- Comprehensive understanding of Apache, Named, Memcached, Postfix, Dovecot
- Inclusive understanding of common networks protocols and `iptables`
- Advanced Windows GUI and Linux CLI skills
- Working under high pressure and high traffic environments

- Maintenance and management of our hosting environment
- Writing of automation scripts (using Python or Bash)
Benefits of Caesar7

Life at Caesar7 is anything but corporate. As a company dedicated to providing bespoke, cutting-edge technologies, we almost never perform the same task twice. There is very little of routine. We go to great distances to hire only the brightest people. You can expect to work with talented engineers, designers, industry masters from the start.

You will be expected to find innovating problems solving solutions every day. It can be challenging, but you will never be bored! Everything we do is engineered precisely and with pride.
We develop unique solutions which are
Exciting & Engaging
Bespoke design
Since the beginning, bespoke e-commerce development has been our main professional service. The solutions we offer are always built and shaped above and beyond the industry's best practices.
We understand that every business is unique and requires a unique strategy to succeed. With the help of our deep e-commerce insights, we know how to turn underperforming businesses around. Caesar7 helps businesses achieve aspired results with tactics proven to be effective through time.
After the official launch of the project, additional steps are taken to ensure that the solutions are performing as promised. We observe the behavior of the business's customers. When necessary, in order to deliver maximum user satisfaction and return on investment, we shape the content of the business accordingly.
Mobile ready
We develop web applications using our bespoke system. Built by professional programmers who pay exclusively high attention to design and quality of software.
We perform regular security audits on each project. Additionally, we introduce new, highly demanded features for all of our clients - free of charge.
In addition to our software, we operate a private hosting environment, exclusive to our clients. Having multiple servers in business-orientated locations provides our clients with worldwide, high-speed coverage. We value the privacy of our clients and their data, and we make sure all of it is always secure with off-site encrypted backups.
Modern practices
Latest software
Dedicated support
Encrypted backups
Free updates
No hidden fees
We aim to deliver only the highest quality results to our customers and marketing plays a crucial role part. Our goal is to provide an efficient, highest converting way to drive success to your business. The required marketing type for a business is highly dependant on its business model, but paid advertising* has always been proven to raise brand awareness and deliver rapid results**.
Nowadays. most business owners are capable of setting up paid advertising campaigns themselves, but we highly recommend to consult with a professional prior to the launch***. We offer professional assistance in building highly personalized campaigns and optimizing the landing pages for maximum CTR (cost-to-click ratio). Additionally, we build and enhance our solutions based on up-to-date research gathered from user behavior analysis.
* Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing Ads, re-marketing, social marketing, promotion banners on specializes sites, etc.
** Assuming the campaign is set up correctly, is accessible and is subjectively easy-to-use
*** Understanding how ad campaigns work, which tactics could be used, how much to invest, how the price is calculated, what types of audiences to target requires quite a bit of knowledge. Also, setting up a campaign on a third-party platform is not the only thing that has to be done - some advanced targeting techniques require technical preparations on the website itself.
Google search
Paid marketing
E-mail marketing
Social marketing
User Experience
"User Experience" is what makes customers come back to an e-commerce website and checkout without experiencing any usability difficulties along the way... to discover relevant information on a large website without contacting the support team.
Services and solutions provided at Caesar7 are fully tailored to satisfy the audience of your business by integrating modern standards and proven practices. Any device type, screen size or country of your client's residence - we offer same, simple, easy-to-understand user experiences across all devices and continents.
We always design and advise with User Experience in mind. We do it with a simple and innovating approach.
Fast & Beautiful
Hosting & Support
We operate our private hosting environment in multiple business-orientated locations, providing worldwide, high-speed coverage to all our customers. We value the privacy of our clients and their data, and we make sure all of it is always secure with off-site encrypted backups.
From the very start, even before Caesar7, our main goal was to provide the most technologically correct, privacy-aware, third-party independent and up-to-date tech-solutions. The goal still stands as Caesar7's main priority. We are constantly improving our hosting environment, as well as our software products and services, to offer solutions which would bring the best, long-lasting results.
Our hosting is exclusive to our clients, managed with care to provide constant uptime and great performance.
VPS, Bare-metal
Phone & E-mail
We offer highly customizable e-mail services, phone numbers, industry standard messaging protocols.
As part of the hosting service, Caesar7 offers multiple ways for our clients to communicate with their customers. We provide high-end voice messaging services for businesses, as well as e-mail and instant messaging services for both, private and corporate clients. All of the provided solutions are tailored to fit any business model. Equipped with popular features, such as, but not limited to auto-responders, phone menus, security against nuances and annoyances.
Our "telecommunications package" consists of e-mail services (IMAP, POP3, SMTP), Voice-Over-IP (SIP) and instant messaging (XAMPP/Jabber). All of these services are exclusive to our clients, managed with care to provide constant uptime and great performance.
Phone numbers
Company e-mails
Spam protection
Virus protection
Abuse protection
E-Commerce Development, Web design, Caesar7 Ltd