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Technical details of all of our services

E-mail related information

We recommend connecting to our e-mail service using a standalone application (e.g. Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc). Using a dedicated e-mail application will allow you to access your messages whenever you are offline or during server outages.

You can also use our webmail application to check your mail by visiting

Server details:

  • IMAP server -, port - 995 (SSL)
  • POP3 server -, port - 993 (SSL)
  • SMTP server -, port - 587 (SSL) * not 465, do not use 465 *
  • SIEVE server -, port - 4190

Recover, create or change your e-mail password:
In order to perform such tasks, visit your website’s administration panel (https://<your-website>/admin/), log out if you are logged in. Click on “Recover passwords, manage mailboxes, invoices” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Sending bulk messages:
We allow sending a single message for up to 25 recipients. If message is addressed to more than 25 recipients, the message will be rejected before sending it out of the server.

Copies of sent messages:
We store ALL sent messages in the “Sent” messages folder by default. You do not need to explicitly set your e-mail client to keep copies of sent messages. Sent messages are synchronized every 10-30 minutes.

Sieve filters:
You can use SIEVE protocol to create custom filters for your e-mail accounts. With the use of SIEVE scripts you can create vacation messages, auto-replies and more. E-mail clients, such as Thunderbird, have plugins which can help you manage these filters without needing to fully understand the programming language.

Our mail filters attempt to remove tracking scripts from all incomming messages to provide more privacy for our clients. Due to this fact, DKIM signature verification will fail when messages are modified. We also remove User Agent strings and IP addresses on all outgoing messages.

Spam and missing messages:
Be sure to periodically check your spam folder, it might contain important notifications or legitimate e-mails. If legitimate e-mails are regularly flagged as spam (or vice versa) - please contact us to resolve this issue.
Also, some junk messages are highly deceptive and should be quatantined, but in most cases, it is better to see all the received messages, you can find valuable e-mails falsly classified as spam.

Rejected messages:
Sometimes our e-mail service automatically rejects messages. Messages which are sent to “no-reply” addresses are automatically rejected, some file extensions are rejected because they are often used as a spam source.

Additional information:
Messages in trash, spam and junk folders are removed after 30 days. All messages in the inbox folder are backed up to 3 cloud service providers and encrypted copies are stored for more than 30 days. Also, all your projects are backed up in a similar manner.

Things we considered but did not implement:

  • “Send later” functionallity (can be done from a standalone e-mail client)
  • Message tracking (tracking images are blocked by most e-mail clients by default, additionally, e-mail server providers might check and cache the images/scripts
  • before they are actually opened by the user)
  • Message templates (can be done from a standalone e-mail client)
  • Activity feed and statistics (from parsed logs)

CardDAV and CalDAV (contacts an calendar) server information:

You can synchronize your contacts, calendars and events using our dedicated server for such tasks. We host a standard CardDAV and CalDAV servers which allow clients of our e-mail services to synchronize their data:

Server information:

  • URL:
  • URL (alt):
  • Username: same as IMAP login
  • Password: same as IMAP password

Recommended applications:

  • Android calendar - Simple Calendar
  • Android events, notes and contacts synchronization app - DAVdroid
  • Windows calendar - Thunderbird’s extension, - Lightning
  • Windows contacts - Thunderbird’s extension, - CardBook
  • List of other tested applications:

Webdav server

We do not provide WebDAV services.
For personal file synchronization services, we suggest looking into Syncthing or Duplicati. Even though both applications provide cloud synchronization abillities, they are based on different principles.

DNS information

In order to make your website accesable after a domain change (or purchase), please use the domain name servers listed below. Ask us for assistance if you do not know how to manually change such information.


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