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Detailed list of our services

Bespoke design

Since the beginning, bespoke e-commerce development has been our main professional service. The solutions we offer are always built and shaped above and beyond the industry's best practices.

We understand that every business is unique and requires a unique strategy to succeed. With the help of our deep e-commerce insights, we know how to turn underperforming businesses around. Caesar7 helps businesses achieve aspired results with tactics proven to be effective through time.

After the official launch of the project, additional steps are taken to ensure that the solutions are performing as promised. We observe the behavior of the business's customers. When necessary, in order to deliver maximum user satisfaction and return on investment, we shape the content of the business accordingly.

Keywords: Research, Strategy, Usability, Mobile ready, Architecture, Information, Analytics



We develop web applications using our bespoke system. Built by professional programmers who pay exclusively high attention to design and quality of software.

We perform regular security audits on each project. Additionally, we introduce new, highly demanded features for all of our clients - free of charge.

In addition to our software, we operate a private hosting environment, exclusive to our clients. Having multiple servers in business-orientated locations provides our clients with worldwide, high-speed coverage. We value the privacy of our clients and their data, and we make sure all of it is always secure with off-site encrypted backups.

Keywords: Modern practices, Latest software, Dedicated support, Encrypted backups, Free updates, No hidden fees



We aim to deliver only the highest quality results to our customers and marketing plays a crucial role part. Our goal is to provide an efficient, highest converting way to drive success to your business. The required marketing type for a business is highly dependant on its business model, but paid advertising* has always been proven to raise brand awareness and deliver rapid results**.

Nowadays. most business owners are capable of setting up paid advertising campaigns themselves, but we highly recommend to consult with a professional prior to the launch***. We offer professional assistance in building highly personalized campaigns and optimizing the landing pages for maximum CTR (cost-to-click ratio). Additionally, we build and enhance our solutions based on up-to-date research gathered from user behavior analysis.

* Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing Ads, re-marketing, social marketing, promotion banners on specializes sites, etc.
** Assuming the campaign is set up correctly, is accessible and is subjectively easy-to-use
*** Understanding how ad campaigns work, which tactics could be used, how much to invest, how the price is calculated, what types of audiences to target requires quite a bit of knowledge. Also, setting up a campaign on a third-party platform is not the only thing that has to be done - some advanced targeting techniques require technical preparations on the website itself.

Keywords: Google search, Paid marketing, E-mail marketing, Re-marketing, Influencers, Affiliates


User Experience

"User Experience" is what makes customers come back to an e-commerce website and checkout without experiencing any usability difficulties along the way... to discover relevant information on a large website without contacting the support team.

Services and solutions provided at Caesar7 are fully tailored to satisfy the audience of your business by integrating modern standards and proven practices. Any device type, screen size or country of your client's residence - we offer same, simple, easy-to-understand user experiences across all devices and continents.

We always design and advise with User Experience in mind. We do it with a simple and innovating approach.

Keywords: Usability, Accessibility, Simplicity, Aesthetics, Mobile-ready, Innovating, Fast & Beautiful


Hosting & Support

We operate our private hosting environment in multiple business-orientated locations, providing worldwide, high-speed coverage to all our customers. We value the privacy of our clients and their data, and we make sure all of it is always secure with off-site encrypted backups

From the very start, even before Caesar7, our main goal was to provide the most technologically correct, privacy-aware, third-party independent and up-to-date tech-solutions. The goal still stands as Caesar7's main priority. We are constantly improving our hosting environment, as well as our software products and services, to offer solutions which would bring the best, long-lasting results.

Our hosting is exclusive to our clients, managed with care to provide constant uptime and great performance.

Keyword: Consultations, Maintenance, After-care, Automation, Monitoring, Backups, VPS, Bare-metal


Phone & E-mail

We offer highly customizable e-mail services, phone numbers, industry standard messaging protocols.

As part of the hosting service, Caesar7 offers multiple ways for our clients to communicate with their customers. We provide high-end voice messaging services for businesses, as well as e-mail and instant messaging services for both, private and corporate clients. All of the provided solutions are tailored to fit any business model. Equipped with popular features, such as, but not limited to auto-responders, phone menus, security against nuances and annoyances

Our "telecommunications package" consists of e-mail services (IMAP, POP3, SMTP), Voice-Over-IP (SIP) and instant messaging (XAMPP/Jabber). All of these services are exclusive to our clients, managed with care to provide constant uptime and great performance.

Keywords: Phone numbers, Company e-mails, Spam protection, Virus protection, Abuse protection, Autoresponders

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