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Can I you guarantee the safety of my online business and it's data?

We believe that everyone needs to know how our business model ensures safety of everyones data:
  • You receive the design files and website's source code after we fully develop your project. You can host your website anywhere you like. There are no restrictions.
  • You can download the systems’ source code, design files, e-mail messages and database from the administration at any time.
  • You can download our application which downloads daily backups of your whole project.
  • We develop all web applications using PHP. PHP is the most popular web development language. Any skilled IT company with a relative amount of knowledge can maintain and extend work we started if for some reason we cannot.


Key points on why to choose Caesar7 as your IT company:

  • We hve strict privacy and confidentiality rules
  • We accept escrow payments and a full refund if we cannot deliver on what we agreed on
  • We offer face-to-face meetings as well as virtual meetings over Skype
  • We offer over 10 years of extensive IT experience
  • We provide honest, professional opinions
  • We prioritize our tasks and prepare our clients for potential problems in the future
  • We do our work incrementally (stage by stage)
  • We offer flexible payments for our services (by stages)
  • All passwords and sensitive data is encrypted with secure hashing algorithms
  • We host data in safe, tried and tested server environment
  • We perform hourly, off-site data backups, with a retention period of 3 months
  • We accept International bank transfers, Cash, WesternUnion,
  • You completely own your domain name(s)

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