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Bespoke Wholesale & Retail Trade eCommerce Webs

Caesar7 offers businesses cost-effective ways to maximize online sales locally and internationally. We provide retail businesses with an all-around e-commerce solution, equipped with the necessary management tools. Our goal is to develop a fully functional, first-class solution which looks beautiful in both, desktops and smartphones.

Our company has an exceptional in-house team consisting of world-class web design specialists, e-commerce programmers, digital marketing specialists. We design and develop retail and wholesale orientated e-commerce solutions, bespoke accounting software, intranets and more.

Design and development process of a Wholesale and retail trade website

First-class retail and wholesale web design, development, marketing.

Fully Automated & Bespoke
Mary Dillon
"At the end of the day, especially in retail, you've got humans serving humans. And really, the more engaged and happier the associates are, the happier our guests are. It's not complicated."

Web design
For retail trade & wholesale

Design of bespoke retail and wholesale e-commerce solutions is one of the main Caesar7's professional services. We create beautiful, client-orientated designs which utilize only the latest web design practices. We understand how to present even the most complicated architectures to your customers.

Retail is an extremely competitive and complicated industry, but complex problem solving is what we mainly do at Caesar7. We have numerous ways to help businesses maximize their sales with the help of our certified design practices and proven business tactics.

Modern practices
Blazing fast

Global coverage
Easy to use

Sell in singles or in bulk

Is your retail or wholesale business expanding its market by selling products online? Maybe it is in need of a new user-orientated design? Caesar7's world-class e-commerce design and development specialists can help you expand internationally in a cost-effective way. We specialize in bespoke e-commerce web development. We can tailor your online store to fulfill and attract your perfect customer. Each project is developed from the ground up using our bespoke web development platform. We have all the most demanded features already built in - eCommerce business no longer has to be complicated.

Tier pricing
Easy checkout
Flexible payments

Easy checkout
Flexible payments
International shipping

B2B & B2C
For retailers & wholesalers

Having had to work with large wholesale providers in a variety of global markets, we know how to make complex ideas come to life. We specialize in both B2B and B2C e-commerce web development. Since we tailor solutions to your exact requirements, we always make sure both, consumers and businesses receive only the best user experiences while ordering from you online. Our platform is already equipped with most requested business-to-business and business-to-consumer tools.

Stock import/export
Checkout for companies
Flexible pricing

Credit notes

Bespoke software
Intranets. Accounting. Warehouse.

Caesar7 specializes in bespoke software development for major business types, including wholesale and retail trade. We help business owners automate daily tasks with software solutions built by exact requirements. Intranets, accounting software, warehouse management, ERPs, and CRMs, - only a few e-commerce software types we have developed in the past.

Our award-winning development can significantly improve the everyday productivity of your retail or wholesale business.

Corporate intranet
Accounting software
Stock management

ERP software
Distribution centres
Automated shipping

SEO & Marketing

Marketing wholesale and retail business require a different, well though our strategy to generate a successful ROI (return-on-investment). We have helped many business owners within the industry market their products in highly cost-effect ways. Trustworthiness and credibility are one of the most important business factors, and we are experts at developing and reflecting such online presences. We build each website to reflect the business and to satisfy its audience. Modern industry standards and proven tactics help us deliver future-proof solutions to the targeted audiences.

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Bing, Yandex, Yahoo

Social network ads

User Experience (UX)
Analytics, Heatmaps, Funnels

Using our certified web development tactics and common User-Experience patterns we can guarantee that each end-product we build will only deliver the best results. Market research, discussions with the shareholders merely suggest the needs of the customers. However, user behavior analysis does reveal their actual desires. We always equip each e-commerce store with powerful monitoring software and analyze each action of its customers. If your clients are having difficulties using your website - our UX specialists will determine and resolve all of these problems.

Behaviour analysis
Session replays

Form analytics

Award-winning, honest, transparent, experienced, cutting-edge...
But what's the difference?
95% of agencies / developers
When to choose
When you need a bespoke e-commerce solution built without any technical knowledge on your part, or when you have the skills, but little time to spare. Web development companies/agencies will provide access to a dedicated team of professionals who will provide you with in-depth industry insights and skill set.
Great for a personal website, portfolio, blog, industry research. Plans come at a relatively affordable rental price.
Who owns the project
You (most often)
The source code is never released to the public. You are renting your own project.
Knowledge required
No technical skills required. With your cooperation, everything will be built for you.
Yes, requires above average computer knowledge and quite a lot of time for initial setup. Web developers can be hired to do the job, if you are interested in such solution, please look at "95% of agencies" column.
Offered platforms
Our 100% bespoke, open-source platform, hosted in a private environment. No software licensing fees. Developed with PHP (web interface) and Python (server-side). Dedicated servers in the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Fully monitored and backed up.
Popular open-source systems - Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Django, etc. The concept of open source is great, but owners and developers are limited to the structure of the system. Project's can be customized, yet developers often spend more time figuring out how the third-party code works than developing it.
Shopify, Squarespace, Wix. This column is based on Shopify's functionality, as it is a more advanced and a more e-commerce related platform than the other ones.
Cost of plugins
We often integrate useful plugins into the system for free. Most highly demanded features are already integrated free of charge. Complex requirements often take less time to develop due to the structure of the system.
Hourly pricing
The best plugins cost a monthly fee. Some plugins charge a percentage of the sale. A developer can be hired for hourly rates. More advanced plugins require an "Advanced plan" which is 300 GBP per month.
Cost of regular updates
Free and automatically updated
Hourly pricing or maintenance plan required
Free and automatically updated
Speed and performance
Above industry standards. Depending on user behavior, new pages load instantly*.
Limited to the content management system and hosting provider
Depends on the setup. Can be slow at times since the servers are shared with thousands of other clients.
Developed with security and privacy as a primary objective. The system is not open to the public (client always receives the source code). It is highly unlikely that vulnerabilities could be found. Also, we issue SSL certificates free of charge.
Highly dependant on security updates and has to be updated quite often. Hacking attempts are quite common. SSL costs extra, in most cases.
Closed-source, known to be secure
Regular data backups
Multiple times a day to our 2-4 private servers. Stored for up to 90 days. Backups include e-mails, files, databases, logs.
Weekly backups with the last weeks copy, at best. Third-party plugins are available at additional setup fees.
Plugins are available
Hosting type
Private, dedicated servers just for our clients. Located in multiple data-centers with anti-DDOS protection.
Shared hosting environment with hundreds or thousands of websites, or dedicated/virtual server with additional setup and high maintenance costs
Product as a service/platform rent - you are tied to the provider for life
Ease of administration
Modern, bespoke administration panel equipped only with necessary functionality. All content can be changed in the administration. We always make sure our clients have as much control of the project as possible.
A standard administration set offered by the CMS. Furthermore, most open-source systems require at least 10 third-party extensions for relatively easy management and decent security.
Known for its easy management capabilities
E-mail accounts
Free and unlimited. Anti-spam, anti-virus, forwarders, SSL, web-mail included.
50 GBP per mailbox, per year (mostly)
50 GBP per mailbox, per year
Better Google results
Our SEO solutions are well above industry standards and integrated into the core of the system. A handful of tools are present in the administration panel. We follow all important SEO guidelines when developing the front-end.
Functions themselves are always offered as an additional work. SEO basics are rarely part of the "standard" package.
The main functionality is integrated into the system quite well. Additional plugins are available (mostly with monthly pricing).
Protected deposits, refunds
Yes, we accept escrow payments. We offer a full refund if we cannot deliver what we agreed on.
Escrow is rarely practiced. Refunds are based on a contract.
A 14-day trial account is available
Ease of switching
Easy, PHP developers would be able to maintain and extend the system. Documentation is available.
In most cases - easy. Although it depends entirely on the programming language and the agency.
Ready to work with us?

We understand how to work with people, even if they are not near. Many of our clients are located outside of London, in metropolitan cities like Birmingham, Bradford, Newcastle. Quite a few successfully utilize our solutions in Scandinavian, as well as Baltic states.

We take a unique approach to development with our hybrid business model. We can reduce the costs of feature development and improve the quality of our end-products with every completed project. Each new project improves the software used by all of our clients with added functionality, free of charge, uninterruptedly.
Our short story. How & Why.

Caesar7 was born because of the flaws experienced with common website development practices. Our essential goal is to create a unified, private and secure software for e-commerce applications.

Our unique e-commerce program gives us the abillity to deliver world-class services for lower prices. Occasionally, we even do it free of cost, if we believe the feature is practical for many clients.
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Daniel Aurimas
Daniel is Caesar7’s lead developer, he is responsible for consulting new clients and assessing requirements of their projects. He can help clients with a diverse range of technical and design related questions. Without all the tech jargon.
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